Wood is one of the most versatile materials available. Wood, being a natural living material, differ from one another in many ways, including, colour, grain, density, growth characteristics etc.

Wood coatings lend the finishing touches to a wide variety of products manufactured from wood. These coatings enhance the appearance and provide protection for home and office furniture, kitchen and bath cabinetry, wood flooring, wood window and doors, and many other factory-finished building products.


Styles and film build of wood finishes may vary considerably, depending on their esthetic and functional uses, going from opaque paints, semi-opaque to transparent pigmented stains to clear varnishes and clear penetrating wood finishes.

At Colorama we produce paints, lacquers and sealers for the wood industry. We work in close collaboration with our customers to find innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Today we are introducing to the Middle East markets, the best Italian wood coatings, in association with INVEBI of Italy. You are welcome to visit their website by pressing their logo above.

Through Research & Development, we also developed coatings which are specifically intended, for outdoor wood structures. In hot climates wood tend to shrink and expand during night and day. Also warping occurs due to water penetration. For such an application, and in order to withstand changing climatic conditions, we developed our aliphatic and flexible coating Acrynil Varnish, which is perfect for such an application.

Your can view our Industrial Product range Data Sheets here. All Data sheets are available in Acrobat Reader format (pdf).