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Product Namebrief Description
AQUAPROOF PrimerColorama AQUAPROOF primer is a high quality adhesion promoting primer/penetrating sealer for water proofing membrane systems for roofs made of concrete, masonry, gypsum and cement renders.
AQUAPROOFColorama AQUAPROOF is a heavy duty ceiling, façade elements, terrace and roofs elastic waterproof coating system, based on specially developed highly elastic & resilient UV resistant polyurethane-acrylic polymers, It is used as a liquid applied coating for crack-bridging, carbon oxides barrier, waterproofing membrane. Colorama AQUAPROOF is a multi-layer system ensuring proper build-up of the thickness, making it a reliable waterproofing system. The coating performance can be enhanced for large roofs, by providing a fiber mesh that is embedded or sandwiched between the coats

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