Our expertise in Industrial Coatings have won us many multinational customers, such as Greif (previously Van Leer) catering for the needs of Exxon Mobil, Shell, Caltex, Total etc and EMB Bticino, as well as many large local companies amongst which are Alex Metal, SGB, EABCO, Mansour Group, Abaza Langendorf, Toshiba Alarabi, Alex Steel, Mancrew and many others.

One satisfied customer after another, Colorama is proud of its heritage in customer service. We can supply ample references from our array of customers that use our Industrial Paints product line.

Colorama's range of Industrial & Protective Paint include the following:.

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    • Alkyd Varnishes, Primers and Enamels
    • Stoving Melamine Varnishes, Primers and Enamels
    • Acrylic Varnishes, Primers and Enamels
    • Epoxy Varnishes, Primers and Enamels
    • Polyurethane Varnishes, Primers and Enamels
    • Nitrocellulose Varnishes, Primers and Enamels
    • Fast drying modified Alkyd Varnishes, Primers and Enamels
    • Heat Resistant Paints (250°C - 600°C)

Your can view our Industrial Product range polyurethane coatings manufacturers, primer for steel manufacturers, Coatings For Bridges And Steel Structures, Polyurea Elastomers manufacturers, cold galvanizing paint manufacturers, heat insulation materials manufacturers, Epoxy Flooring Systems in egypt, fireproof coating manufacturers, intumescent coatings manufacturers, Coatings For Power PlantsData Sheets here. All Data sheets are available in Acrobat Reader format (pdf).