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About Colorama

Colorama was established in 1997 at Borg El Arab Industrial City, Alexandria, Egypt.
Through cooperation with European as well as American multinational companies, we developed Industrial, Protective, and Marine Systems, over and above the Architectural/Decorative paints.
We also developed our own Elastomeric Coatings, to match the International brands and the latest technology in this field. We also developed a range of Thermal as well as Water proofing systems to cater for the needs of the Petrochemical as well as the Energy Industries


In the increasingly competitive arena, many companies in this field have resolved to decrease costs on account of reduced quality. However our policy, at Colorama, was to work even harder, in order to improve the quality of our products. This philosophy, enhanced with our quick response strategy, in favour of our customers’ support, gave us a clear advantage over the competition.

Today we can proudly declare that Colorama is a Leader in Protection Technology. This has only been possible through continued research, both at home as well as in collaboration with leading formulators in Europe and America. We always believed that: Through Research Comes Innovation….!


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