A lead free Matt modified alkyd based finishing coat for interior or exterior decorative, industrial and marine use. Formulated to resist salty water, weather and yellowing.

Product description

JOKER Matt Alkyd – Finish Coat – Enamel – Matt for interior or exterior decorative, industrial and marine use. Formulated to resist salty water, weather and yellowing.

Properties and Areas of Use
  • Tough hard wearing film
  • Low odor and excellent application properties
  • Excellent color retention
  • Excellent flow and opacity
  • Used as a topcoat on steel in an anticorrosion alkyd system for industrial and marine applications.
Technical Coating Data @ 25 °C

Finish:                                                                                     Flat

Color Range:                                                                         As per color card

Solids Volume:                                                                     50 ± 2% depending on color

Dry Film Thickness Range:                                                35-75 µm

Theoretical Spreading Rate:                                                14.3 m² / L @ 35 microns DFT depending on color                                                                                                           (loss factors will apply in practice)

Surface Dry:                                                                           2 hrs

Recoat Interval:                                                                   16 hrs minimum maximum, unlimited (after proper                                                                                                           surface cleaning and preparation)
Flash Point:                                                                           38°C
Shelf Life:                                                                              12 months (stored in a cool dry place)
VOC:                                                                                        220 g/L
Mixing Ratio:                                                                        Single Pack

Film Thickness and Spreading Rate :

                                                                              Minimum              Maximum                  Typical
Film thickness, dry (µm)                                          35                              75                          50
Film Thickness, wet(µm)                                          70                             150                        100
Theoretical Spreading Rate (m2/L)                      14.3                            6.67                       10

Suitable Surfaces :
  • Steel and non-ferrous metals properly blast cleaned to SIS-Sa 21/2 minimum
  • Substrates must be free of contamination, dust, and efflorescence
  • Previously gloss painted surfaces should be thoroughly abraded or sand blasted before application
Bare Steel : 

Cleanliness: Blast – cleaning to Sa2 1/2 (ISO-8501-1:2007). Power tool cleaning to min. St2 (ISO 8501-1:2007) may be acceptable, subject to exposure conditions.

Shop primed Steel :

Clean, dry and undamaged approved shop primer.

Coated Surfaces :

Clean, dry and undamaged compatible primer. For aluminum substrates, thorough washing and sweeping with a nonmetallic blast medium is required.

Application Conditions :

Substrate temperature should be 10°C  or above for application and during cure, and a minimum of 3°C above the dew point. Adequate dry air ventilation is recommended for optimum drying.

Application Information :

Thinning should only take place after the material has been thoroughly mixed.

Brush and Roller :

Thin if required with 0-5% COLORAMA Thinner 906 or 921.

Conventional Air Spraying :
  • Thin with 5-15% COLORAMA Thinner 906 or 921, as required
  •  Tip size – 2.0 mm
  • Tip pressure – 60 psi (0. 4Mpa) approximately 

Airless Spraying :

  •  Thin with 0-10% COLORAMA Thinner 906 or 921, as required.
  •  Tip size – 13 thou (0.33mm) approximately
  •  Tip pressure – 1700 psi (12Mpa) approximately

Cleaning Thinner :

Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with COLORAMA Thinner 906 or 921.

Drying time :

Drying times are affected by air ventilation, temperature, film thickness and number of coats.
Substrate Temp.                                                10° C                25° C                 40° C
Surface Dry                                                          4 h                   2 h                      1 h
Through Dry                                                        16 h                  6 h                     4 h
Dry to recoat, minimum                                    24 h                16 h                  16 h
The given data serve as guideline only. The actual drying time differs according to film thickness, ventilation, humidity and underlying paint system.

Typical paint system :
  • PRIMALKYD – LPF                                      1 x 50 µ.
  •  JOKER Matt                                                    1 x 50 µ.
Storage :

Keep the containers in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from source of heat and ignition.
Containers must be kept tightly closed.

Handling :

Handle with care. 
Packing Size :                                                                  5 L & 18 L

Summary Safety Information :


  • Avoid inhalation of spray mist and skin contact by the use of masks, gloves and other personal protection. Eyes should be cautiously washed with water or proprietary wash, and medical attention obtained. Skin should be thoroughly washed using a cleanser and soap and water.
  •  Product is flammable
  •  No sparks or flames
  •  No smoking

JOKER Matt Alkyd – Finish Coat – Enamel


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