CLASSIC  is A very good washable acrylic based emulsion with good adhesion properties, suitable for all internal surfaces of wood, plaster and cement render 


Properties and Areas of Use

 Excellent coverage.
 Gives durable and non yellowing surfaces.
 Environmentally friendly as water based paint
 Allows water evaporation.
 High opacity and good washability.
Technical & General Information @ 25ºC:
Finish                                                           Matt
Color Range                                                As per color card
Dry Film Thickness (DFT)                       50-100 microns
Theoretical Spreading Rate                     11-12 m²/L per coat depending on surface porosity and DFT
Solid Volume                                              40 ± 2%
Touch Dry                                                   30 minutes
Recoat Interval                                          4 hours
Shelf Life                                                     12 months in good storage conditions
Application Conditions:
All surfaces must be free from contamination & dust and properly prepared with
fungicidal solutions if necessary. Substrate temperature should be 10º C or above for
application and during cure, and a minimum of 3º C above the dew point.
Surface Preparation:
 One coat of JOKER – Acrylic Sealer
 Tow coats of JOKER – Plastic Putty
Thinning and Application:
Thinning should only take place after the material has been thoroughly mixed.
 10-20% water for application with brush, roller or conventional air spraying.
 5-15% water for airless spraying.
Store away from direct sunlight at ambient temperatures and in dry conditions.
Packing:                                            9 L


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