ACRYTHERM  is superior water based acrylic reflective emulsion coating comprised of air encapsulated, insulating particles that produce thermal insulation qualities. It is specifically designed for rooftops, warehouses, barns, storage areas, mobile homes, portable buildings, containers, coolers, walls and sheds 


 Properties and Areas of Use

* Excellent thermal insulation at low thickness
– Excellent solar reflectance
+Excellent application characteristics
– Fast recoat times
– Helps deaden sound
-Applies to almost any surface
– Helps to seal walls and membranes
– Ultra-low VOC content

 Technical & General Information @ 25ºC:

Finish                                                          Flat
Color Range                                               White (Special colors available upon request)
Dry Film Thickness (DFT)                       500 microns
Theoretical Spreading Rate                     2 m²/L depending on DFT and surface porosity
Solid Volume                                               60 ± 2%
Touch Dry                                                   45 minutes
Recoat Interval                                          6 hours
Shelf Life                                                      12 months in good storage conditions

 Application Conditions:

All surfaces must be free from contamination & dust and properly prepared with fungicidal solutions if necessary. Substrate temperature should be 10º C or above for application and during cure, and a minimum of 3º C above the dew point.

Surface Preparation:

– One coat of PRIMESEAL – Acrylic Sealer
– Two coats of UNO – Exterior Putty
– Two coats x 500 microns of ACRYTHERM

Thinning and Application:

Thinning should only take place after the material has been thoroughly mixed.
 0-10 % water for application with brush, roller or conventional air spraying.
 0-5 % water for airless spraying.


Original containers must be stored in well ventilated storehouses away from direct sunlight at ambient temperatures.

Packing:                                                9 L



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