GALVAZINC 8500 is the latest technology ever known for cold galvanizing for steel, It took years of R&D efforts and measurements in our laboratories in cooperation
with our partners in Canada and UK to make it the ideal solution for cold galvanizing.


GALVAZINC 8500 is a cold galvanizing material which contains more than 92% pure zinc metal in the dry film. It’s the ideal, economic and easy to apply substituent for hot and precipitating galvanizing. It depends on proactive cathodic protection through at least 1100 mV voltage deference created on the surface of the protected metal that’s because zinc metal leads iron metal in the electrochemical series.

Technical & Physical Information (@ 25°C)

Ingredients                                                                Pure zinc metal (99.95 %) + Volatile Hydrocarbons + Organic Binder
Finish                                                                          Homogeneous Grey Matt Film
Total Zinc Content in DF                                        85 ± 2%
Density                                                                       2.52 Kg/L ± 2%
Solid Contents                                                          50% (By Volume)
Flash Point                                                                44°C
Dry Film Thickness                                                 50-125 microns
Th. Spreading Rate                                                  10 m²/L @ 50 microns DFT
Touch Dry                                                                  30 min.
Recoat Interval                                                         4 hour
Complete Cure                                                           24-36 hours
VOC                                                                             33 g/L
Temperature Range From                                      (- 50°C) To (+ 180°C)

Fields Of Applications:

GALVAZINC 8500 is an ideal easy to apply cold galvanizing material for all small and big steel objects and can be used for:

  • * Pipelines (Surface or immersed).
    * Steel structures.
    * Fuel and chemicals holding tanks.
    * Chassis and bodies for cars, planes, trains and all transport Vehicles.
    * Steel bridges.
    * Barrages , dams and locks gates.
    * Corrugated , icon sheets and sandwich panels.
    * All small steel works.
    * Ships, yachts, cranes and all marine structures.
    * Nuclear energy plants.
    * Electrical power plants.
    * Store shelves and handling tools.
    * Metal and electronic gates and escalators.
    * Mineral belt conveyors.
    * Grain storage silos.
    * Rebar and construction equipment.

1- Surface Preparation:
* Surface to be cold galvanized must be dry, clean and free from rust, dirt, moisture, oils, grease and any other contaminants.
* Sand blast to Iso Sa 2½ or at least use mechanical tool cleaning to St3 according to (ISO 8501).
2- Application
* Steer well using mechanical steerer before dilution and during
* Dilution and cleaning of equipments takes place only using Colorama solvent no. 960 because it reduces viscosity without influencing the zinc content.
* Apply using roller, brush, conventional air spraying, airless spraying and even dipping technique.

3- Drying:

* Surface dry will be in 30min., you can recoat after 4 hours and complete cure after (24-36) hours.

Technical Advantages:

– GALVAZINC 8500 works as a cold galvanizing material using two techniques of protection, the 1 st is (negative cathodic protection) inthis technique GALVAZINC 8500 covers completely the surface to insulate it from the ingredients of the galvanic cell (Water and Oxygen) to give barrier protection. The 2 nd technique is (positive
cathodic protection), in this technique GALVAZINC 8500 creates a voltage difference on the surface not less than 1100 mV which means that the zinc metal in GALVAZINC 8500 works as a sacrifice anode through loosing electrons gained by steel to give steel long term protection.

– GALVAZINC 8500 has excellent adhesion and flexibility make it the ideal material to resist impacts and mechanical stress for heavy duty applications.

– GALVAZINC 8500 is a re-coatable material that makes it easy maintenance material even after years.

– GAVAZINC 8500 is environmentally friendly material because the VOC contents doesn’t exceed 33 g/L in the liquid state that means GALVAZINC 8500 is a safe material to human and all living things and it can be used safely in cold galvanizing of water, oils and food tanks and granaries.


-GALVAZINC 8500 after drying is a self-extinguishing, fire spread resistant material that makes it the ideal cold galvanizing material for chassis and bodies for cars, planes, trains and all transport Vehicles.

-GALVAZINC 8500 has excellent resistance to fresh and salty water that means it’s the ideal cold galvanizing material for all metal object buried underground or submersible underwater of seas and rivers.

*GALVAZINC 8500 is an easy to apply material. Roller, brush, conventional air spray, airless spray or dipping, all these techniques can be used to apply GAVAZINC 8500 that makes it the ideal and economical cold galvanizing material for application in In the manufacturing workshops or at the sites of new and old constructions.

– Re-welding over GALVAZINC 8500 is easy and touch-up can be done using GALVAZINC 9200.

-GALVAZINC 8500 working temperature is from (- 50°C) to (+180°C) that makes it the ideal cold galvanizing material all over the world.


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