INSUTHERM – WB is a thin coat insulating material that is specially formulated to provide thermal
protecion for tanks, vessels, boilers and other equipment up to 180°C. INSUTHERM – WB
provides a layer of coating with air-encapsulated particles in a super acrylic binder. The highly
reflective particles entrap stagnant air in a structural matrix that effectively blocks thermal
INSUTHERM – WB is sprayed on as a combined paint and insulation system which gives
protection to the substrates, as well as safeguarding personnel from burning accidents as well as
preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI).
INSUTHERM – WB is an ideal heat insulation coating for storage tanks, vessels, as well as pipelines
in many industries such as cement, petrochemical refining, food & beverage etc.

INSUTHERM – WB provides:

1. Good Adhesion to the substrate.
2. High Flexibility.
3. Excellent UV resistance.

INSUTHE RM – WB should be applied in multiple layers from 250-500 microns. The standard DFT
recommended is between 2000 to 3000 microns, depending on needed protection. It provides
excellent personnel safety by protecting personnel from substrate burns and heat-related
INSUTHERM – WB maintains interior equipment temperatures, and therefore reduces energy
loss, saves money and improves manufacturing efficiency.


– Tanks
– Piping
– Heat exchangers
– Steam lines


– Provides thermal insulation
– Adheres to most substrates
– Prevent CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)
– Provides personnel protection
-Increases efficiency and saves energy
– Rapid application compared to conventional insulation

Technical Data @25˚C

Finish :                                                             Flat
Colour Range:                                                 White and Grey
                                                                           (other colours available upon request)
Specific Gravity (Kg/L)                                  0.48
Solid Volume                                                    75% ± 2
Dry Film Thickness range                             250-3000 microns
Consumption (L/m²) @ 500 µ                     0.67
Consumption (L/m²) @ 3000 µ                   4
Surface Dry                                                         30 minutes
Recoat Interval                                                  2 hours
Application Method                                          Airless Spray
Elongation                                                           ˃30
Thermal Conductivity                                      0.07–0.25 W•m-1•K-1 @ 20°C
Shelf Life                                                             1 year

Application Procedure

– Substrate should be properly prepared and blast cleaned to ISO-Sa2½
-A suitable primer (Primapox Zinc 2K, Primapox GYM, Silprotect or Primabuild – ST) should be applied before INSUTHERM – WB.
-INSUTHERM – WB should be applied after primer has dried, preferably next day.
-INSUTHERM – WB should be applied in multiple passes of 250-500 microns to reach the required DFT- four to six passes of 500 microns.
-Each layer should be left to dry for 2 hours before next layer is applied.

Application Conditions

Substrate temperature should be 10°C or above for application and during cure and a minimum
of 3°C above the dew point. Adequate dry air ventilation is recommended for optimum drying.


Keep the containers in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from source of heat and ignition. Containers must be kept tightly closed.

Packing Size                                                15L


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