EPOFLEX – Epoxy Acrylate resin

Highly flexible epoxy coating based on high quality epoxy acrylate resin which combines between adhesion and durability of epoxies with flexibility common to acrylics, designed to be used for steel and concrete surfaces as a water proofing membrane or a highly flexible coating to resist cracks in case of high surface expansion or shrinkage.

EPOFLEX – Epoxy Acrylate resin 

Selection & Specification Data

Generic Type                         Cycloaliphatic Amine Epoxy Acrylate.
Description                            Highly flexible epoxy coating based on high quality epoxy acrylate  resinwhich combines between adhesion and durability of                                                                epoxies with flexibility common to acrylics, designed to be used for  steel and concrete surfaces as a water   proofing membrane or                                                       a highly flexible coating to resist cracks in case of high surface expansion or shrinkage.
Features                                  – Excellent chemical resistance.
                                                  – Very good abrasion resistance.
                                                  -VOC compliant to current AIM regulations.
                                                  -Excellent water proofing properties.
                                                  -Flexible with elongaƟon up to 250%.

Color                                                 As per shade card.
Finish                                               Gloss.
Dry Film Thickness                       100-500 microns per coat.
Solid Volume                                   99% ± 1%.
Theoretical coverage                     5 m²/L @ 200 microns.
VOC Values                                     0 g/L.
Dry Temperature Resistance       140ºC (DiscoloraTIon and loss of gloss is observed above  95ºC.

EPOFLEX – Epoxy Acrylate resin Substrate & Surface Preparation

General                            Surfaces must be clean and dry. Employ adequate methods to remove
                                           dirt, dust, oil and all other contaminants that could interfere with
                                           adhesion of the coating.

Steel                                  Steel blast cleaned to ISO-Sa2½ and then primed with flexible epoxy
                                            primer or other suitable epoxy primer.

Galvanized Steel             Primed with suitable etching primer.
Concrete                           must be shoot blasted and repair cracks with a suitable sealant and then primed with a proper epoxy sealer.

EPOFLEX – Epoxy Acrylate resin Application Equipment

Listed below are general equipment guidelines for the application of this product. Job site conditions may require modifications to these guidelines  to achieve the desired results

. General Guidelines:                                Pressure pot equipped with dual regulators, 3/8” I.D. 

                                                                      minimum material hose, .070” I.D. fluid TIp and   

                                                                        appropriate air cap.

  Airless Spray                                            Pump Ratio:                                  30:1 (min.)
                                                                      GPM Output:                                 3.0 (min.)
                                                                      Material Hose:                               3/8” I.D. (min.)
                                                                      Tip Size:                                          .017”-.021”
                                                                      Output PSI:                                     2100-2300
                                                                      Filter Size:                                      60 mesh

  Brush & Roller (Genaral)                       Multiple coats may be required to obtain desired  appearance,recommended dry film thickness and adequate hiding.                                                                             Avoid excessivere-brushing  orrerolling. For best results, tie-in within  10 minutes at 24°C.

Brush                                           Use a medium bristle brush.
Roller                                           Use a short-nap synthetic roller cover with phenolic core.


Mixing & Thinning

Mixing                                          Power mix separately, then combine and power mix.
                                                       DO NOT MIX PARTIAL KITS.

  Ratio (by Weight)                     One part component (B) to be added to four parts of   

                                                         component (A)          A:B                 4:1

Thinning                                      EPOFLEX is a solvent free coating and no thinning is required.
Pot Life (25ºC)                           45 min.
Cleaning Equipments               Colorama Thinner No. 907EP

Application Conditions

Condition                  Material                  Surface                 Ambient                    Humidity
Normal                      15º-35ºC              15º-35ºC                 15º-35ºC                    0-85 % 
Minimum                    10ºC                      10ºC                        10ºC                          0 % 
Maximum                    37ºC                      55ºC                         45ºC                         85 %
This product simply requires the substrate temperature to be above the dew point. Condensation due to substrate temperatures below the dew point can cause flash rusting on prepared steel and interfere with proper adhesion to the substrate. Special  application techniques may be required above or below normal application conditions

Curing Schedule

Surface Temperature % 50% R.H.                  Dry to Recoat                       Complete Cure
              10ºC                                                              36 hours                                 10 days      
              15ºC                                                               24 hours                                  7 days
              25ºC                                                               16 hours                                   5 days
              35ºC                                                               8 hours                                     4 days
Higher film thickness, insufficient ventilation or cooler temperatures will require longer cure times. Excessive humidity or condensation on the surface during curing can interfere with the cure, can cause discoloration and may result in a surface haze. Any haze or blush must be removed by water washing before recoating. During high humidity conditions, it is recommended that the application be done while temperatures are increasing. Maximum recoat/topcoat times are 30 days for epoxies and 90 days for polyurethanes at 75°F (24°C). If the maximum recoat times have been exceeded, the surface must be abraded by sweep blasƟng or sanding prior to the application of additional coats. 890 LT applied below 50°F (10°C) may temporarily soŌen as temperatures rise to 60°F (16°C). This is a normal condition and will not affect performance.

Packaging, Handling & Storage

Packaging                                                   5 L and 18 L
Flash Point(Setaflash)                             > 100ºC
Storage Temp. & Humidity                     10º-40ºC
Shelf Life                                                     24 months @ 25ºC
Shelf life : (actual stated shelf life) when kept at recommended Storage conditions and in original unopened containers


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