BASECOAT in 3D epoxy flooring system.

New innovative flooring systems achieving the same protection of epoxy but in beautiful seamless 3D shapes.

Product description

3D epoxy flooring – Floor coatings New innovative flooring systems achieving the same protection of epoxy but in beautiful seamless 3D shapes.

Properties and Areas of Use

– Tough hard wearing and flexible film.
-Excellent chemical resistant.
-Cures at low temperatures

Technical Coating Data @ 25 °C for mixed material

Finish                                                                            High Gloss

Color Range                                                                  As per color card

Solids Volume                                                               99 ± 1%

Dry Film Thickness Range                                         100-500 µm

Theoretical Spreading Rate                                     10 m² / L @ 100 microns DFT
(loss factors will apply in practice)
Surface Dry                                                                   2 hours

Recoat Interval                                                             12 hours minimum
10 days Maximum.
Complete Cure                                                               7 days
Pot Life                                                                            45 min.
Flash Point                                                                     > 100ºc
Shelf Life                                                                         12 months (stored in a cool dry place)
Mixing Ratio by Weight                                              3 Base component
1 Activator Component
VOC                                                                                  0 g/l

Film Thickness and Spreading Rate:

Minimum                              Maximum                              Typical
Film thickness, dry (µm)                               100                                          500                                       200
Film Thickness, wet(µm)                               100                                          500                                        200
Theoretical Spreading Rate (m2/L)             10                                             2                                              5

Suitable Surfaces

 Concrete free of contamination, dust and efflorescence, and properly prepared

Application Conditions

Substrate temperature should be 10°C or above for application and during cure and a minimum of
3°C above the dew point. Adequate dry air ventilation is recommended for optimum drying.

Application Information

No thinner needed for dilution.

Brush and Roller


Airless Spraying

– No thinner needed
-Tip size – 0.58-.79 mm approximately
-Tip pressure – 2100 psi (15Mpa) approximately

Cleaning Thinner

Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with Paint Thinner Colorama TH907E

Drying time:

Drying times are affected by air ventilation, temperature, film thickness and number of coats.
Substrate Temp.                                               10° C                                            25° C                                         40° C
Surface Dry                                                        4 h                                                 2 h                                             1 h
Through Dry                                                      12 h                                               8 h                                             6 h
Dry to recoat, minimum                                  16 h                                              12 h                                           10 h
The given data serve as guideline only. The actual drying time differs according to film thickness,
ventilation, humidity and underlying paint system.


Keep the containers in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from source of heat and ignition. Containers
must be kept tightly closed.

Paint System:

Handle with care. Stir well before use.
Packing Size:                                                 5 L & 18 L

Summary Safety Information

– Avoid inhalation of spray mist and skin contact by the use of masks, gloves and other
personal protection. Eyes should be cautiously washed with water or proprietary wash, and
medical attention obtained. Skin should be thoroughly washed using a cleanser and soap and
-Product is flammable
-No sparks or flames
-No smoking


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